Presentation Guidelines Workshops

Poster Session Guidelines (for posters of the workshops only)

Poster papers have been assigned to poster boards as indicated in the program. Please note that we have two poster areas in two rooms on the second floor of the Theresianum (room 2605 and 2607). A volunteer in front of the rooms can help you to find the correct poster board and will hand out tape in case you need something.

An overview plan including the location of the poster boards can be found here. (Link)

Presentation format

Poster boards are 95cm wide and 1.84m tall. Poster with the format PORTRAIT 1.00m (width) x 1.20m (height) would be possible. Much easier would be the format 95cm x 1.84m. Adhesive material and/or pins will be provided for mounting the posters to the boards.

In case you want to print your poster in Munich directly, please find below a possibility of copy shop in Munich:

Arrival and take off time

Poster presenters are asked to install their posters before the poster session starts and to remove it from the poster boards at the end of the session.

Oral Session Guidelines (for workshop / tutorial sessions at the TU only)

Presenters are asked bring their own laptops to present their slides. Please make sure that you are on time inside the room. The TU offers VGA and HDMI plugs.